The Northern Valley Baseball Association is dedicated to providing a baseball program that is focused on helping players ages 9 to 14 (3rd-8th grades) learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, self-esteem, discipline and responsibility. The underlying goal of our program, is to promote and instill these fundamental values within each individual to last for a lifetime. Our goal is to place every child in the right environment to succeed and develop based on their skill level but most of all, to have fun!

Our Coaches:

Our 9u-11u teams will be lead by parent head coaches. These parents will be approved by the trustees of the NV Knights. Selection of coaches will be driven by level of interest and commitment by a parent, experience with coaching and teaching baseball, and local references. Background checks and safety training will be a standard requirement for all coaches.

Our 12u-14u levels will have paid non-parent head coaches. Parents will act as non-paid assistant coaches and managers of our teams. Managers are responsible for all administration/communication to the team members. Player decisions for positions and lineup will be the sole responsibility of the head coach.Each team will have a paid outside head coach who has been selected by the trustees of the NV Knights based on references from reputable sources and via an interview process to verify a good fit with our philosophy, as well as to place the coach with the appropriate level team. NV Knights have partnered with Sandlot Baseball Organization in order to maintain a high level of quality with our outside paid coaches.

Like any activity, baseball, especially NV Knights baseball, is part of a journey; it is not a destination. NV Knights baseball is not the end-all and be-all of any child’s life, but it can be an important stepping-stone to future accomplishments in their life. As an organization we prepare our young men to play high school baseball.

Playing time in our organization is based on attitude, work ethic, skill level, and knowledge and love for the game. Everyone will be treated fairly and decisions will be made that are in the best interest of the development of each individual player.

When our players leave this program, they will be prepared for competition at the next level. The goal is our players will become disciplined, motivated, hard-working athletes when they move on from youth baseball. Thus, our disciplinary system will exhibit both authority and fairness.